Advanced Welding/Vibratory Stress Relief Capabilities For Most Metals

Highly experienced, World Tek welds metals including carbon and low-alloy steel, stainless steel and armor steel as well as aluminum and titanium alloy. Our welding process capabilities include gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc, flux cored arc and submerged arc welding.

With every process you are assured of the highest quality. All welds are performed to industry standards such as AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.6, D14.3 or the Ground Combat Vehicle Welding Code, as applicable.

Supported by skilled technicians, our comprehensive array of advanced welding equipment helps ensure high quality and adherence to your production timeline:

  • (25) Miller Axcess 450 – MIG Welder
  • (3) Miller CP-302 – MIG Welder
  • (1) Miller Axcess 675 – MIG Welder
  • (1) Miller Millermatic 251 – MIG Welder
  • (2) Miller Syncrowave 250 – MIG Welder
  • (1) Miller Electric 655 – Sub-Arc Welder
  • (1) Miller Power Source – Carbon-Arc Stick Welder

Meta-Lax 2400: Vibratory Stress Relief and Weld Conditioning

  • Performs Semi-Automatic Vibratory Stress Relief and Weld Conditioning
  • Ability to Save Data and Print Stress Relief Certifications
  • Capable of Stress Relieving 50,000 lb Low Carbon Steel Weldments
  • Stress Relief of Various Metal Types Including Aluminum Plates Between Rough and Finish Machining

Robotic Welding and Vibratory Stress Relief

Robotic Welder Operates with Meta-Lax Vibratory Stress Relief for strength

Industrial Welding & Vibratory Stress Relief

All of our welds use Vibratory Stress Relief to reduce imperfections while cooling.